How does a radon test work?

How does a radon test work?

Radon gas is naturally occurring & radioactive. It enters your home through pathways such as cracks and gaps in the foundation. The only way to know the radon level in your home is to test! In this blog post, we'll explain how a radon test works.

The most common way to test for radon is through a short-term test, which takes at least 48 hours to complete. The Canary Kit comes with two test devices, which are small, passive, safe, & easy-to-use devices that capture the radon content in the air. The devices should be placed in the lowest livable level of your home (this includes unfinished basements).

There is an electrically charged disk inside each Canary test device. During the test, the device allows air to pass through it and over the charged disk. As radon gas strikes the disk, it diminishes the electric charge. When you send the Kit back we measure the difference in the electric charge, which allows us to determine how much radon was in the air. We then send you an informative report explaining your test results.

Please note that certain outside & inside conditions can affect the accuracy of a radon test, such as the weather and whether you are able to maintain Closed House Conditions. Please ensure to closely follow the testing instructions in The Canary Kit to ensure accurate results.

If your radon test devices measured high levels of radon gas, the EPA recommends taking corrective action. We will provide recommendations to you based on the radon level in your home. If levels are high, we can connect you with a qualified radon mitigation contractor to do a free assessment & quote on what mitigation on your home would look like.

In conclusion, the only way to know the radon level in your home is to test! The Canary Kit is simple, accurate, and fast. We will provide you with valuable information you can use to protect yourself and your family from the health risks associated with radon exposure. If you are concerned about radon gas in your home, consider purchasing The Canary Kit. Peace of mind is priceless!

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