What is radon mitigation?

"Mitigation" is defined as the act of reducing the severity of something. Therefore, radon mitigation is the process of reducing the severity, or the levels, of radon gas in your home to safer levels. So, when you ask, "what is radon mitigation," it's simply the process of making your house a safer place for you and your family. It's important to remember that radon is always present in the air. It's when radon levels in the air get more concentrated that it becomes a health risk. Mitigation is all about reducing the level of radon to a safe level, and there are several effective methods of doing so.

If your home tests high using The Canary Kit, we will recommend that you have a qualified radon mitigation professional come assess your home and recommend the best approach to mitigate the radon gas. DIY radon mitigation can be difficult without general home building practice. It's wise to use a professional and we put you in contact with the best ones in the business. A free assessment where our partners will walk you through what mitigation would entail and how much it would cost. Mitigation professionals are skilled at installing systems within closets or utility rooms, so it will not impact the interior or curb appeal of your home. Typically they will use 4 inch PVC pipe and a fan that will effectively "suck" the radon out from under the foundation of your home and exhaust it up above the roof. 

The cost of radon mitigation varies widely depending on the size and build of your home. Keep in mind however that the cost of proactively protecting yourself and your family from radon is much cheaper than the cost of treating health problems associated with radon exposure.

It's important to note that even after you have radon mitigation installed, you should have your home tested every 2 years to ensure the system is working properly. The system will generally have a gauge attached that allows you to monitor whether it is functioning. However, the only way to know the radon levels in your home is to test.

Radon mitigation is an important step in protecting yourself and your family from the health risks associated with radon exposure. Consider ordering The Canary Kit for your home to keep you and your family safe. If you test high, we can connect you with local, qualified professionals who can provide excellent service for your home. They can assess your home and recommend the best approach to reduce radon levels and take the necessary measures to rid your house of radon.

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