Why Choose Canary?

Why was Canary founded?

To put it simply, we want the danger that radon poses to be as front-of-mind as the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. Could you imagine not knowing about a radioactive gas that kills an estimated 21,000 people a year in the US? Neither could we, which is why we came up with the idea for Canary. Up until now, people really only learn about radon when buying or selling a house. And even then, it’s something that is briefly mentioned, rolled into a larger home inspection, and then forgotten about. 

Now, families can access high-quality educational materials on radon, high tech at-home radon tests, and an on-call nationally certified radon measurement professional to answer any questions all in one place. No wondering if you did the cheap DIY radon test correctly. No pushy salesman forcing you into radon mitigation you don’t need. Just you, breathing easy.

  • Designed by Pros

    The Canary Test Kit is designed by an NRPP-certified radon testing professional. It includes everything you need to perform an accurate test. Unlike other DIY options, our instructional materials are clear & concise with easy-to-follow steps.

  • Accurate AND Fast

    Our kits use Electret Ion radon test devices - the industry standard for short term testing. These high-tech devices are more accurate than a charcoal test, and return test results much quicker. You can expect your test results within 3 days (on average) of finishing your test.

  • All the Support You Need

    Radon is scary. It's impossible to detect without proper testing. When you buy a Canary Kit you get access to our on-call professional team, who are ready and willing to answer your questions. No more wondering, get quick assurance that you're testing properly!

The Canary Kit

Designed by professionals, made for homeowners.

Breathe easy with the Canary Kit.

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  • Cade Hyde


    Salt Lake City, UT

  • Alec Cutler


    Washington, D.C.

Who are we?

We are just two friends, trying to make our community a little safer. We were classmates in college, ended up working on a group project together, and we just haven’t stopped. It’s rare to still hang out with (or even like) someone from a class project, but that should tell you a thing or two about how well we work together. Our professional backgrounds are both in supply chain management and technology, and we have used those skills to develop a streamlined, technology-enabled radon testing experience. And we did it for you.